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      敬業              務實             求精             創新

      Dedication       Pragmatic       Refinement     Innovation


      1.     愛崗敬業,團隊協作,維護和捍衛公司的品牌和聲譽,回報社會,是公司員工的責任和承諾。

      2.     求真務實,真抓實干,堅韌不拔的向前邁進,成就一番事業,是公司始終堅持的思想和工作作風。

      3.     精益求精,精工細作,注重任何事情的細節,打造精品,是公司堅持不渝的理念和生產經營方針。

      4.     不斷創新,尋求突破和超越,勇攀技術高峰,以好的產品與服務,奉獻給顧客,是公司永恒的追求。

      1.     Our staffs’ responsibilities and commitments are; love their jobs,teamwork,safeguard and defend the company’s brand and reputation,serve society.

      2.     The ideology and work style pragmatism that our company always adhere to are; do solid work and move forward invincibly,try to achieve a greet career.

      3.     The concept of the production and operation guidelines that our company insists is;strive for perfection,do precision work,pay attention to the details,make excellent products.

      4.     The eternal pursuit of our company is;constant innovation,seek a breakthrough and beyond,and climb up the technology peak,dedicate first-class products and professional services to customers.



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